Meditation and Psychotherapy: Non-Duality and Self-Transcendence (5-week online)


Many spiritual and philosophical traditions, reaching back thousands of years, have cherished the concept that there is no formal boundary between self and other. Science has now started to demonstrate the transient, constructed nature of self, and that dysfunction in self-related processing is a transdiagnostic component of depression, anxiety, psychosis, and other mental health disorders. Clinicians who treat these conditions should understand the foundational tenets of self-transcendence and nonduality, and the role these experiences may play in helping to alleviate their patients’ experiences of suffering.

What are ways that therapists can work to loosen the grip of the idea of a separate self? How does this process unfold in cultures with less individualistic concepts of self? And how might therapists apply these perspectives in their clinical practice?

Join us for a mind- (and self-) expanding series with notable expert faculty in a new 5-week webinar format.